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Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS - Diplomate, American Board Of Plastic Surgery

Specializing in Primary &
Revision Gynecomastia Surgery

815 Park Avenue New York, NY 10021

With Man Boobs, a Little Knowledge Is…

man boob surgery and scar tissue

There’s probably no better place for the old saying, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” than in the world of medicine. Think about the last time you looked up a minor symptom on a popular site like WebMD, then wondered if you need to get your affairs in order right away and prepare for … »

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Big 3 of Symmetry

symmetry after gynecomastia surgery

When you come in to consult us about a case of gynecomastia in New York, you already know that we will examine you, take measurements and talk with you about the options. You probably also expect a good discussion about preparing for surgery, recovery, possible risks and so on, and those topics will certainly be … »

Monday, October 10, 2016

Terrified of Tethering?

tethering after gynecomastia surgery

What is tethering and why does it strike fear into the hearts of men planning gynecomastia surgery? Tethering is a possible complication for some guys after male breast reduction. Our New York patients almost never have this problem, but it does occur with less experienced plastic surgeons. We answer questions about the condition in online … »

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Moobs: When the Gym is a “Nightmare”

gynecomastia and working out

We sure enjoy being a part of It’s rewarding to be able to answer some of the questions guys have about man boobs, gynecomastia surgery and results. It’s also educational for us in that we learn about men who have chosen to live with their moobs and the concerns they have. If you haven’t … »

Friday, September 30, 2016

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