After Male Breast Reduction: Looking Natural

gynecomastia new york

When men come in to consult me about gynecomastia in my New York City offices, one question that’s inevitably on their minds is: Will I look natural after gynecomastia surgery?

It’s understandable that patients are concerned about this. After all, many have spent years feeling self-conscious about their physique. The last thing they want is to worry that it will be obvious they chose surgery!

The good news: with a couple of small caveats, my patients have every reason to expect a natural appearance with no indication that they went under the knife. I’ll tell you why.

  • Strategic liposuction: At the heart of almost every male breast reduction surgery is liposuction. Fatty tissue between skin and the chest muscle, the pectoralis major, is liposuctioned away in order to reduce breast size. I perform the procedure with caution to ensure that that the chest wall slopes smoothly, with contours below and to the side of the breasts. I’ve developed my own instruments to make this objective easier to accomplish.
  • Breast tissue removal with minimal scars: In addition to liposuction, some men need breast tissue behind the nipple removed. In these cases, I locate small incisions on the border between the areola and skin to conceal them. After healing, these scars and the tiny scars resulting from liposuction are nearly invisible for most patients. In the rare event that a patient develops a pronounced scar, I’ll perform revision free of charge for up to a year.
  • Breast skin: Most men are more fortunate than women when it comes to breast reduction. Because the volume of tissue removed is relatively small, the skin is likely to contract in the weeks and months following the procedure. Few male patients need skin removed during their gynecomastia surgery.
  • Areolar diameter: Men with large diameter nipples will have a natural reduction in the overall size of their areolas – this happens spontaneously as the skin tightens.

What about those caveats I mentioned?

First, it’s important to have expectations that make sense. Gynecomastia surgery has great power to help men feel better about their bodies, boost confidence levels and clear the way for a wider range of activities and clothing choices. (See what I mean in our before and after gynecomastia pictures.) But it won’t magically transform a man into a model.

Finally, it’s important to understand that the healing process is inherently unpredictable to some degree. The key concept is “process,” meaning that while a patient’s chest will look better as soon as most swelling has resolved, results will not be final for a few months.

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