Fashion Hacks for Man Boobs

New York gynecomastia

Given that we’ve become a go-to cosmetic surgery practice for guys with man boobs in New York, we’re often advising men and boys about how to disguise their condition. Some patients we meet aren’t candidates for male breast reduction surgery; a variety of reasons are possible. These men need long term strategies for living with man boobs, and we can assist. Some suggestions we’ve offered can be found here.

Even those who are candidates for gynecomastia surgery usually live with enlarged breasts for at least a few years. We like hearing the ideas they come up with for camouflage and sharing our own with these men!

We’ve found that many guys who have experienced man boobs are familiar with the most helpful article of clothing to have in the dresser drawer: a compression garment. These shirts and vests help flatten moobs and puffy nipples for those who have not had surgery, and they’re essential post-op tools for patients recovering from male breast reduction. You can read some tips for choosing a good compression garment here.

There are a few pure “fashion hacks” that can also help guys hide or at least minimize their condition. We found some advice recently on a website for men called mensxp published in India. Here’s a summary:

Layering: Wearing more than one shirt at a time is an obvious fashion strategy for guys with gynecomastia. Unfortunately, it’s not the most attractive option for guys with man boobs in New York during the summer. It’s hot in India too, obviously, so mensxp suggests a t-shirt as the primary layer and a light, woven shirt on top.

Avoiding contrast: The site also recommends sticking to a fairly monochromatic color scheme with shirts to avoid drawing attention with a sharp contrast. Also, wearing a similar color from top to bottom lengthens lines and doesn’t break up the body.

Taking care with prints: Although prints can be good camouflage, mensxp says very large prints can actually draw attention to man boobs. Instead, the site suggests smaller prints that don’t contrast much with other colors a guy might be wearing.

Favoring dark colors: Women with generous backsides know that avoiding very light colored pants is a good idea. Guys with enlarged breasts can take a page from that playbook and select shirts in darker colors. When going with solids, the website recommends dark blues, grays and blacks.

None of these suggestions provides an actual fix for enlarged breasts. But they can help a bit. In contrast, here are some tactics we don’t recommend for our New York man boob patients (or at least, we advocate using them quite sparingly):

Taping: It’s so tempting to use tape on man boobs, particularly when the main culprit is a case of puffy nipples, or “bitch tits” as bodybuilders call them. But taping can damage sensitive skin and even lead to darkened areas, thereby potentially calling attention to man boobs when a shirt can’t be worn.

Binding: Binding can be helpful when done carefully and for short time periods. But, there’s potential for causing skin problems, breathing problems and other issues as well. When patients insist on binding, articles written for transgender men like this one can be good sources of information.

When we meet guys with man boobs in New York, no matter where they might be in their decision making and coping process, we suggest joining and becoming active in the forms on that website. There’s just no substitute for input and support from other guys who suffer with enlarged breasts.

Of course we are happy to help too. You can contact us via our short information form here.

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