Guys with Moobs in Search of Perfection

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Ahhh, perfection. If you’re lucky, you get to experience it from time to time. A truly extraordinary meal, perhaps. Or an idyllic vacation. But the concept of perfection applied to human beings? Most people would probably agree: that one’s a stretch.

So why is it that some guys with moobs seem to expect perfect results from gynecomastia surgery?

Actually, we know the main reason why some of the patients we work with in greater NYC obsess about gynecomastia results: they usually spent years obsessing over their man boobs. When a person is accustomed to looking in the mirror several times a day, critical of every aspect of the image reflected back, it’s natural to continue the habit after surgery.

If you have moobs and you elect to go ahead with male breast reduction, we’ll caution you not to expect to have a flawless body as a result. When you choose your gynecomastia surgeon wisely, you can expect to look “much better,” after surgery, and many patients indeed look terrific. But it’s not wise to hope for perfection.

Here are a few things we make sure our patients understand before surgery.

Scars – You will have scars, there’s just no way around it. Most patients require small incisions at the edge of the nipple that leave barely noticeable scars. Most men will also have tiny nicks on their sides to accommodate the liposuction instrument. After healing, these scars usually look like small white or reddish spots less than a half-inch wide.

To us, these traces of surgery seem inconsequential. Still, in talking with a patient recently about his final results, we heard, “I do have these little marks on my sides…” Obviously it’s important for patients to know about scars before surgery and accept the tradeoff.  We usually show before and after gynecomastia photos to help men envision what’s likely.

Scar tissue – The body forms scar tissue during recovery from male breast reduction and the process is inherently unpredictable. Sometimes a few lumps and bumps can result, and while these can usually be improved after surgery if need be, occasionally a man will complain about his chest not feeling completely smooth. We remind our patients that an improved appearance should be their top priority.

Asymmetry – It is not unusual for a man’s chest to show a slight degree of asymmetry after gynecomastia surgery. In fact, it’s not at all unusual for people to have asymmetry before and after surgery. Look carefully at faces you see in your daily life: perfect symmetry of the human body is rare indeed.

You may experience lopsided swelling after surgery. This is normal and should resolve itself. If you feel your final results are unduly asymmetrical, consult your plastic surgeon. You may also want to get a second opinion.

Your body before surgery – A well-qualified plastic surgeon who specializes in gynecomastia will not promise to make you look like a Times Square billboard model. What an experienced gynecomastia surgeon will aim for is to sculpt your chest to fit the rest of your body – sleek or muscular, slim or chunky. Talk with your plastic surgeon about this during your consultation to be sure you are on the same page about expectations.

You don’t demand that your loved ones look perfect – why should you expect it of yourself? Work closely with your plastic surgeon and listen to his or her input, and take an objective look at your physique before your procedure. It’s normal to be ultra concerned about your looks in the first days and weeks following surgery, but over time you can let your worries go. There’s every chance you will look very good after male breast reduction and be able close the book on your moobs. That’s what it’s all about!

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