If Your Family Is Against Gynecomastia Surgery

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Occasionally a man schedules a consultation for gynecomastia in New York with us and says that his loved ones don’t see the need for male breast reduction surgery. We hear this from other patients as well, both men and women with family members who aren’t convinced about having a cosmetic procedure, or worse, who are unsupportive. In the case of patients with man boobs this can be pretty tough to handle, since it generally takes courage to talk to loved ones about the condition.

If unsupportive family is an issue for you, the very best advice we can give you is to sign up to be a member of gynecomastia.org. When you browse the forums you’ll see hundreds of men posting information about their cases. It will help you to read the thoughts and experiences of others, and maybe even write some of your own. There’s even a whole group of men who have chosen to accept their gynecomastia, and hearing from them may help you decide what to do.

One thing that’s immediately apparent on gynecomastia.org is that there’s no single answer that works for everyone. Members of the site remind each other about this on a regular basis. For instance, in a discussion of one person’s very mild case, a member commented, “‘˜my gyne really bothers me ‘” I think that’s all you need to know!”

That’s really the heart of the matter: if your man boobs trouble you to the point where they interfere with your life and happiness, then male breast reduction may be an option. No matter how mild or severe your case may be.

If you are leaning toward gynecomastia surgery and feel a little alone in your decision, it may help you to review a paper published last year in the Polish Journal of Surgery. Researchers Anna Kasielska ad Boguslaw Antoszewski explored the psychosocial issues of men with gynecomastia and how they fared after male breast reduction.

Of the 47 men included in the study, all but two answered “definitely yes” or “probably yes” when asked whether their condition made them feel uncomfortable socially, and all but three reported that gynecomastia caused them to limit their activities. In almost every single case, these men experienced improvement after surgery.

Other similar findings were uncovered by the study. The authors concluded that for this group of patients, male breast reduction surgery boosted satisfaction with their personal lives.

We invite you to come in to talk about your gynecomastia in our New York offices at 815 Park Avenue. You can contact us online or call 212-870-6080 for an appointment. We have treated thousands of men with moobs during three decades, and we have lots of information to share. Whatever your decision about surgery may be, we look forward to helping.

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