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Do you go to the Internet for advice? Admit it—you do, at least sometimes. Most of us can’t help it, it’s so easy and quick. And you can find input on just about anything, especially when it comes to health and appearance.

You know you need to beware of what you read online—all the more so when it comes to your well-being. No matter how many appealing celebrities are promoting the idea, for example, it’s generally not a great plan to fast regularly. Nor is juice cleansing or any other kind of cleansing needed for digestive health. Good old-fashioned practices like a sound diet and regular exercise are best.

Agreed? Good. Now hear us out on this: whether you live in New Delhi or New York, man boob advice you read on the Internet is very often off target. Even when it comes from reasonably reputable sources. Here are some top myths to beware of.

Work Your Upper Body

The popular magazine Men’s Health suggests four exercises that will help you get rid of moobs. A combination of moves with barbells and kettlebells, plus pushups, will do the trick. The magazine calls it the “Man Boob Eliminator Workout.”

There are plenty of other places to find advice along the lines of “exercise can fix man boobs.” Unfortunately, it’s not true. In fact, as guys admit with dismay in online forums and our consultation room in New York, man boobs can look worse after a patient gets toned up. That’s because fat and breast gland lie on top of the pectoral muscles, and when the pecs get further developed, they tend to push excess tissue outward. Read more about exercise and man boobs here.

Lose Weight

All around the Web, well-traveled sites like LiveStrong suggest that losing weight can get rid of gynecomastia, or at least help. In our thirty years of experience with man boobs in New York, we’ve learned it’s just not so.

We have written about this often but it bears repeating: losing weight will not banish your moobs. There are three main reasons. First, except for some bodybuilders with extremely low body fat, most guys’ enlarged breasts contain both fat and gland—the extra fat having produced hormones that trigger breast gland growth. Even if you shed the pounds needed to get to an ideal weight, your moobs probably won’t disappear. Second, men tend to gain and retain weight around the torso, just as women do on their hips and thighs. This extra tissue tends to be the last to go during weight loss and may just hang around no matter what. Finally, even shrinking man boobs tend to leave evidence behind, such as stray lumps and sagging skin.

More Dubious Advice

Perhaps down the road there’ll be medication that can help. Tamoxifen, which binds to estrogen receptors in the breasts, seems to have some effect for some people. But the drug’s benefit for guys (instead of female breast cancer patients) is not yet understood and it is not FDA-approved for use for gynecomastia despite what some people say online. We advise waiting.

Other guys on the Internet have suggestions that may seem logical, but really won’t help. We saw one site that said if you’re experiencing drug-related breast growth from, say, steroids or finasteride, just stop taking them. Nope. Once breast tissue has grown, it’s there to stay. One guy says to take testosterone. Another bad idea. Excess testosterone converts to estrogen in the body, and you may very well get an effect that’s the opposite of what you want.

Truly Dumb Suggestions

“Get enough sleep!” one website says, adding that sleep’s “connection with man boobs has always remained subtle.” Yeah, that’s it. Subtle. Another site recommends turmeric and fish oil. We’ve found sources that suggest flax seed, ginger root tea and dandelions. Oh, then there’s Epsom salt baths. You’re not asking if these measures really help, right?

Here’s a really terrible notion: some young guys have told us they actually gained weight trying to disguise their gynecomastia. Well, guess what. Their moobs grew along with their waistlines. Another bad move is spending money on pills and creams. They just don’t work. We hate it when our New York man boob patients tell us they have spent good money on such quackery.

Some of what you find on the web actually makes sense—for your health, that is. Eating a good diet, exercising and getting plenty of sleep are good priorities to have. But if a simple, non-surgical way of banishing man boobs existed, don’t you think EVERYONE would know about it?

Male breast reduction surgery is the one and only way to get rid of man boobs completely and forever. Book an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in the procedure and at least listen to their input—these are the people who know just about all there is to know about gynecomastia. Then you can decide your strategy.

If you’d like to reach out to us, please do. Fill out our short contact form and we’ll reply.

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