Making Peace with Man Boobs

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It’s a well-accepted notion that our emotional state can affect us physically. The same holds true in reverse: our physical appearance can affect how we feel. But wouldn’t it be nice if that weren’t the case? If our self-esteem and confidence weren’t impacted by our physique?

We meet some guys with gynecomastia in New York and others online for whom that is mostly true. These men have accepted their man boobs—and in some cases they even celebrate them. Take a look at the forums on and you’ll find several guys who have bypassed the surgical option and get on with their lives. How do they stop worrying about their breasts?

• A few are seniors, and male breast reduction was not a viable option in their younger days. Since the years have passed other concerns have become more important.
• Some guys have terrific support from loved ones. One member of says his wife is not only accepting; she helped him pick out a comfortable bra.
• Some emphasize the value of “taking ownership” of their condition and attitude. One guy put it well, “…having a pair of breasts does not and cannot change how wonderful we are…unless we and only we allow it.”

If male breast reduction surgery is just not for you and you want to learn to accept your enlarged breasts, here are four actions you can take:

• Join a site like and become active in the forums. There can be great comfort in having the chance to “talk” with others who know just how you feel.
• Research your condition online—you’ll learn things that may help you make peace with your man boobs. Knowing that more than half of all men experience some measure of breast growth at some point in their lives, for instance, may be helpful in assuring you you’re far from alone.
• Visit physicians who may assist you in understanding your particular case. Your primary care doctor can look for underlying health conditions just in case. An endocrinologist can run hormone tests and give you information on your testosterone levels. These measures can put to rest any worries you may have that your man boobs signal something’s wrong.
• Try various compression garments and bras for physical and psychological support. Get information from others about what works for them, and if you shop for a bra, find a place where someone experienced can “fit” you. You may be surprised how many lingerie experts have worked with men.

Many guys are simply not successful in coming to terms with their moobs—some feel moderately bothered by them much of the time, others like our teen patient John, find their breasts to be a “huge burden.” Of course, those who suffer are the majority of teens and men who meet with us about gynecomastia in New York, since they are the ones considering surgery.

If you fall into this group, do not beat up on yourself. There should be no more anxiety associated with opting for male breast reduction than there is for buying support garments. Though technically challenging for a cosmetic surgeon, the procedure is straightforward for the patient. Most guys feel settled into their new physique after a few weeks and are overjoyed that an issue that held them back is suddenly gone.

If you’re on the fence about what to do, we would add a fifth tip to the list above: visit a board certified plastic surgeon who performs many dozens (at least) of male breast reduction surgeries annually and have a talk. A seasoned gynecomastia expert will give you information, not pressure you to make a decision.

When we have a consultation about gynecomastia in New York with a prospective patient and discover he is undecided, we have a candid discussion with him, offer suggestions and often counsel him to wait. Once a guy embarks on the journey to understand his condition—it can take time to process information and make decisions. If surgery is the answer, we’ll be ready.

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