Male Breast Reduction and Anesthesia

twilight sedation for gynecomastia

When patients consult us about gynecomastia,they sometimes ask if they can avoid general anesthesia when they elect to have male breast reduction in New York with our team. Most often the answer is an enthusiastic “yes!” We actually prefer to administer “IV sedation,” or anesthesia delivered intravenously, along with a local anesthetic. Also known as “sedation anesthesia” and “twilight anesthesia,” this approach has several benefits.

One important advantage of sedation anesthesia is in the recovery process. In contrast to general anesthesia after which patients wake up slowly, those who have sedation anesthesia come awake fully and rapidly after their procedure. This way, they avoid the typical grogginess and general anesthesia “hangover.” Other potential recovery issues – such as slow breathing and nausea, for example – are also very unlikely with IV sedation, meaning patients can be sent home sooner, feeling more like their usual selves.

When patients receive anesthesia intravenously, they continue to breathe on their own instead of having an endotracheal tube. Some men wonder if there’s a risk they will feel pain during gynecomastia surgery or awaken at the wrong time. With a skilled, experienced anesthesia provider, this doesn’t happen. These professionals know how to monitor their patients very closely and work together with the surgeon to ensure patient comfort. If needed, the team can administer more sedation through the IV or additional local anesthetic.

We’re happy to tell our patients that the same board certified anesthesiologist has worked alongside us on our New York City gynecomastia team for 20 years. He is superb at administering twilight anesthesia.Our patients experience a tranquil, relaxed sleep with no awareness of surgery. And as a bonus, there’s no sore throat resulting from a breathing tube.

Even though we generally prefer sedation anesthesia, we can use other methods as well. Occasionally a patient will request general anesthesia or a medical condition will indicate it’s a better choice. For certain men, even local anesthesia can be an option. This is one of many topics we cover with our patients during consultations.

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