Male Breast Reduction and Sensation

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One topic patients usually ask us about in consultation for male breast reduction in New York is skin and nipple sensation. Feeling in the breasts is important to men just as it is to women, and it’s natural to wonder whether gynecomastia surgery will interfere.

Male breast reduction surgery incisions – including any liposuction that may be performed – interrupt the sensory nerve fibers that conduct feeling to the skin and nipples. Just as in any other type of surgery, temporary post-operative skin numbness is inevitable. Gynecomastia patients can expect to be able to feel pressure and perhaps temperature change right after their procedure, but not light touching.

Soon after gynecomastia surgery, nerves begin to reconnect and recover. This process can bring a variety of feelings with it: tingling, heightened sensitivity, even brief shooting pain. Some patients feel all these sensations; others don’t notice anything unusual.

Over the course of several months, the nerve fibers settle into place again. Tingling and other fleeting sensations subside and normal feeling gradually returns for the vast majority of men who elect male breast reduction. In our New York practice, we occasionally work with a patient who loses some sensation permanently – at a small incision site at the edge of one areola, for example. This is a rare occurrence, but it can happen. It’s a minor risk most men are gladly willing to accept in exchange for telling their moobs “good-bye.”

Any surgeon, no matter their specialty, will tell you that post-operative healing is a very individual process. Each patient heals in his own way and at his own pace, and the end result can’t be predicted with precision. When it comes to encouraging sensation to return, we counsel male breast reduction patients to follow our instructions to the letter, take good care of themselves and simply wait it out.

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