Moobs, Now You See ‘Em…

NYC gynecomastia

There’s just about no worse torture for an average guy than to grow a pair of moobs. For many, it ranks right up there with being extra short or going bald at an early age.

True, some men are able to make peace with enlarged breasts. With a healthy self-image and supportive loved ones, some guys learn to accept their man boobs and get on with it. But for others, the frustration of having extra breast tissue invades every aspect of life. They worry about colleagues at work noticing. They shun activities that call for revealing clothing, like most sports. And intimate relations? Not easily.

Male breast reduction isn’t for everyone, but when men decide to come in to consult us about gynecomastia in NYC we have great news to share: results from surgery are nearly immediate. That’s right. After years of trying to hide, diet or wish them away, man boobs virtually disappear in a short session in the surgery suite.

Male breast reduction normally takes 60-90 minutes. Most guys need a combination of gland removal and liposuction to resculpt masculine contours, and we have designed our own instruments to perform the procedure with minimal disruption to surrounding tissues. Provided the patient has decent skin elasticity, the skin begins to tighten up right on the operating table. Areolas also tend to shrink in diameter – an added plus for most guys.

Further tightening occurs over the next several days, once swelling from surgery dissipates. The process is exactly the same as when a woman gives birth. Within hours her abdominal skin tightens considerably, with further improvement over a period of days and weeks. And we have yet to see a pair of moobs with as much excess skin as a pregnant belly!

Another thing our patients are pleased to hear is that our approach to gynecomastia surgery involves very minimal scars. Liposuction is performed through tiny nicks on the side of the chest, which heal with marks that are barely visible. To excise breast gland, we normally make small incisions at the edge of the areolas that disappear into the line between darker and lighter skin after healing. Check out some of our before and after gynecomastia photos to see what we mean.

It’s not our intention to minimize the recovery process – patients do not walk out the door after surgery and head for the gym. A few days of rest at home is required, when swelling will peak and should begin to subside. Light work and other activities can be resumed in a week or less, with strenuous work and sports added in three or four weeks.

But when our patients come in for follow up appointments, most tell us their spirits soared the first time they removed post-surgical dressings. Through swelling, a bit of bruising and wrinkles from the wraps, nearly every one says they could see their new body emerging.

It is almost like, now you see ‘em, now you don’t!

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