New York Gynecomastia Play-by-Play

New York man boobs

A big reason guys get nervous before gynecomastia surgery is they don’t know exactly what to expect. Keeping in mind that every patient is different and no two procedures are truly alike, we thought you might enjoy reading this play-by-play of a “typical” New York man boob operation with our team.

The Big Day

Imagine you have waited for this big day yourself, and it’s finally here! You get ready at home, dress in loose, comfortable clothes, remove any jewelry you wear, and head out early in the morning.

7:15: You arrive at our Park Avenue offices in Manhattan, where our gynecomastia team welcomes you. They will bring you into the pre-op room where you will change into a gown. Our nurse will take your vital signs—pulse, blood pressure and so on.

7:30: Dr. Calvello, our M.D. anesthesiologist, will come in to meet you. He will review your medical history and medications. If you’re feeling anxious, Dr. Calvello will put you at ease! He’ll explain how twilight anesthesia works and the benefits for you. You’ll soon have an IV in your arm and some gentle medication to help you feel relaxed.

7:45: You will meet with Dr. Jacobs to review the planned operation, risks, benefits, possible complications and realistic goals. He will take your “before” photos and then mark your skin where appropriate and again take photos. Finally, he will review the entire anticipated day’s events and answer any last-minute questions or concerns.

8:00: The surgical team will gather around for final preparations. We will shave an area just around the nipples—not the entire chest. You’ll be given medication to put you lightly but completely asleep, then the procedure will begin!

For most patients, we start with a tiny nick at the side of the chest under the armpit. Through this small incision, we administer fluid containing medication to provide additional numbing and reduce bleeding. The fluid also serves to soften tissues.

The next step is to perform aggressive liposuction with our own specially designed instruments. Since the slim cannula can remove both fat and small amounts of gland, that’s all that’s needed for some guys. Some of our New York man boob patients need additional breast gland removed. If that’s the case for you, you’ll receive an additional small incision at the edge of your areolas. We’ll remove more breast gland, taking care not to cause craters. We will also re-drape your skin so it lies smooth and natural looking. Your incisions will be closed with small, dissolving stitches under the skin’s surface.

9:00 – 9:30: 60 to 90 minutes after you drift off to sleep, you’ll wake up easily as we apply dressings as well as a compression garment. Then we’ll take you into the recovery room. You’ll spend an hour or two with us, relaxing and chatting as we make sure you are fully awake and feeling great, with any discomfort well controlled. At this point, most guys feel elated! Surgery is behind them and many say it went more smoothly than they ever imagined. Most of our New York man boob patients say they can’t wait to see their new chest.

You’ll have a friend or family member when you meet with Dr. Jacobs just prior to leaving our offices. We’ll give you some detailed instructions and handouts and make sure you know when your follow up appointment is scheduled (usually 4-5 days later). We’ll also ensure you know how to reach us if you have questions. Dr. Jacobs will personally call to check on you within the first 24 hours.

For the vast majority of patients who seek our help for man boobs in New York, that’s all there is to it! Of course there’s a decision making process leading up to surgery, including a meeting of the minds between you and Dr. Jacobs. And there’s a recovery process we’ll team with you on as well. But when the big day arrives, it should take just a morning to put you on the road to a brand-new shape!

Can’t wait to get to “the other side”? Give us a call at 212-570-6080 to get started.

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