New York Gynecomastia Surgery: Delighting in the Details

gynecomastia new york

You know who you are. Your friends watch their bank accounts casually through the ATM window; you balance your checkbook to the penny every month. Most people you know pay slight attention to politics, choose a candidate who seems like a decent person and think no more about it. You watch debates, examine the intricacies of all the platforms, cast your vote carefully and watch the returns on election night.

In getting ready for gynecomastia surgery in New York, you’ve read up on the condition and researched board certified plastic surgeons. You’re about ready to commit, but you want to know more about the results you can expect. And you mean YOU. What will male breast reduction accomplish for your unique body?

Know Your Torso

If you follow our blog, you may know that we advise our New York gynecomastia patients to be ready to look “much better” after surgery, not “perfect.” (You can read more about this here.) As you consider this notion, here are some factors that can affect your particular results. It’s a good idea for detail-oriented guys to know about them!

    Curvature of the spine: The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute of New York says that the human spine has three gentle curves that support the body’s weight and provide flexibility. When the spine curves abnormally, usually people know about it through a diagnosis of scoliosis (a sideways shape) or another pronounced spinal condition. Occasionally people have a very mild case of scoliosis that causes no trouble on a daily basis but can figure in slight asymmetry after man boob surgery.
    Uneven shoulders: According to Healthline, there are many reasons why you might carry one shoulder higher than the other. These include structural issues such as legs that differ in length, injuries, muscular imbalances, sleeping position and more. It’s not uncommon to have shoulders positioned slightly differently, but it can be a factor in gynecomastia surgery results.
    Muscle asymmetry: Some guys have one side of the chest that’s more developed than the other. This can be because the right and left pectoral muscles may be attached to the sternum differently, according to the Livestrong website, or it can happen simply because one side is more dominant. As in the case of uneven shoulders, there are ways to work on the condition if you choose to. If you plan male breast reduction, just know that muscle development can play a role in the outcome.
    Ribcage and sternum differences: A detailed guy like you has probably noticed that your body is not necessarily a mirror image, one side to the other. Your eyes may be slightly out of line with each other, or your ears, and it’s likely one foot is a bit larger than the other. This can be the case with your ribcage as well—one side may be sized or shaped slightly differently than the other.

    Some guys have a mild to moderate case of pectus excavatum wherein the sternum, or breastbone, is a little sunken. We have also seen a few cases of the opposite condition, pectus carinatum, where the breastbone juts out more than normal. These differences are nothing to worry about except in extreme cases, but man boob patients should be aware of them.

We’ll Handle the Details

In encouraging you to take a close look at your body before signing up for surgery, the last thing we want to do is cause you to worry! If you choose to work with us for gynecomastia surgery in New York, you’ll find we take a holistic approach to our relationship with you. This means we’ll talk with you about your mindset and goals, of course. It also means we will examine you very carefully, including taking measurements and looking out for factors that may play into your surgical outcome. If there’s any pronounced asymmetry, we’ll bring it to your attention and discuss how we’ll factor it in to the surgical plan.

In other words, you will be fully informed.

One last thought—as you perhaps discover more ways your body is not symmetrical, keep in mind that this is the case with human beings. It doesn’t mean you won’t achieve the results you’re hoping for after man boob surgery. You just need to choose an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon who has worked with hundreds—or even thousands—of bodies of all different types!

Check out our before and after gynecomastia photo gallery to see what we mean. Can you envision yourself there? Call us at 212-570-6080 today.

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