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gynecomastia advice

We spotted another online article just a few days ago dealing with man boobs. Good advice was plentiful in the piece published in The Men’s Journal; unfortunately none of it is very helpful when it comes to getting rid of enlarged male breasts (called gynecomastia in medical circles).

Although the article offers several tips, they boil down to three main strategies for getting rid of man boobs:

1. Aerobic exercise to lose fat

When we debunk the idea that you can “burn” moobs away, we don’t like to sound like “Doctor Downer.” So let’s pause a moment to say that if you are overweight, yes, absolutely, develop a plan to shed the fat. You’ll feel great, look better and your health will improve as you become leaner.

Calorie-burning activity – combined with a healthy diet – is one of the best ways to slim down. Just don’t expect your moobs to melt away. One reason is that fat produces hormones that tend to trigger breast gland growth, and once breast gland grows, surgery is the only way to remove it. Another reason is that men tend to lose weight last around their torso and chest, and those last fat deposits can be quite stubborn. Read our recent blog posts on fat and gynecomastia here and here.

2. Strength training to build muscle

It may sound like the most unfair, counterintuitive statement ever, but it’s true: the more you build and sculpt your pectoral muscles, the more obvious your moobs may look. Understand that excess breast tissue sits on top of the pecs, so when the muscles become larger, the breast tissues project outward. With a chiseled physique, man boobs have nowhere to hide.

What’s more, the act of pumping iron itself tends to emphasize extra breast tissue as you flex. For some guys, there’s no place they feel more embarrassed than at the gym.

3. Natural ways to optimize testosterone

The article mentions several ways to help keep your testosterone production strong. They include getting enough sleep, minimizing stress, exercising and keeping your weight down. If you’re thinking these are general good health measures, you’re right. Following these practices tends to keep all your systems in good shape, including the endocrine system that rules hormone production.

Man boobs can be a symptom of low testosterone, but if you have enlarged breasts, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have “low T.” Even if this is true in your case, you will not be able to banish enlarged breasts through diet, exercise and sleep.

Moobs or not, if you suspect you might have low levels of testosterone – meaning you have symptoms such as low energy, low libido, declining muscle mass, irritability and so on – see your doctor. Whatever you do, do not venture into the world of supplements and treatments without medical advice. It’s dangerous to do so.

The reasons some guys get persistent man boobs and some don’t are still not well understood. Hormones play a role in many cases. And if you’re overweight, it’s almost certain extra fat will enlarge your breasts as well as your gut and other areas of your body.

What IS known is that once a guy has a case of gynecomastia, male breast reduction surgery is the only sure fire remedy.

If we can explain further, please let us know. Contact us online and we’ll be glad to answer questions or arrange a consultation appointment.

Good health to you!

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