Swelling at a Glance

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We cover the topic of swelling thoroughly in consultation with men seeking surgery for gynecomastia in the NYC area. We also discuss post-op swelling as much as any other man boobs issue online on gynecomastia.org. That’s because swelling – and the desire to control it – is a universal concern for every male who elects surgery.

We’ve written about swelling many times too. For a new twist, here are the basics in easy-to-digest form.

First, a few things you may not know:

· Swelling always occurs after surgery and usually poses no problems

· It will peak well after your procedure, up to three days later or even more

· The two sides of your chest may swell asymmetrically

· Swollen areas can feel hard or soft

Even though swelling is normal, you’ll want to do what you can to minimize the extent and encourage it to subside as soon as possible. To this end:

· Rest in an elevated position when possible

· Wear your compression garment as directed

· Avoid strenuous exercise for at least four weeks

· Wear a compression garment after exercise when workouts resume

Contact your plastic surgeon about swelling if the following occurs:

· You experience a dramatic difference in size on one side

· You notice dramatic bruising along with the swelling

· There’s much more pain on one side than the other

If you’re planning surgery for gynecomastia with us in NYC or with any other surgeon, understand that swelling is the body’s normal reaction to trauma. After being bruised, torn or cut, tissues “weep” fluid to cushion the area, circulate white blood cells for healing and so on. It may help you to know that swelling is not really a bad thing!

It may also help you have a happier post-op experience if you can make peace with the fact that while swelling will subside after a few weeks, it will take several weeks for it to dissipate completely. Any additional insult to the area may prolong this process; so take your doctor’s orders seriously. You are investing in a future without man boobs. It’s worth a little patience.

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