The Beckham Boob Bandwagon

New York man boobs

If you follow plastic surgery in the media, you may have read – perhaps with some amusement – that more men are electing moob surgery and requesting flat, almond shaped nipples like David Beckham’s. After all, you might think, so much is reported about female plastic surgery trends, it’s nice to see a male craze for a change.

But the fact that men are jumping on a bandwagon like this may not be such a great thing after all. There are at least two reasons guys should think twice about asking for the legendary English football star’s nipples:

  • People should elect cosmetic surgery for the right reasons. We perform man boob, or gynecomastia, surgery in New York hundreds of times each year. Men who come in looking to fix this issue that holds them back and say they just want to look like a normal guy have appropriate motivations in mind. Men – and women seeking plastic surgery too – who are interested in a very specific look may have unrealistic hopes for the impact a procedure can have. Plastic surgery will not transform you into a celebrity or even boost your popularity. Any life changes you desire are up to you.
  • No cosmetic surgeon can make you resemble someone else, or mold a certain feature to look like it belongs to a guy you admire. When it comes to results from male breast reduction and/or nipple surgery, many factors come into play. They include your skin’s elasticity, how much body fat you have, the shape of your rib cage and more.

With those cautions in mind, here’s the good news. Male breast reduction surgery can make a huge difference for the right patient. It can help put a problem aside that invades almost every part of a man’s life, letting him move on to more important things. It can be a terrific confidence booster. And while it won’t turn an average guy into a sports superstar, it can get him back into athletics without embarrassment.

One more thing: when you come in to consult us about gynecomastia surgery in New York, it can be helpful to bring in a photo or two of men whose physique you admire. These “wish” photos can help us get an idea about the outcome you’re hoping for. We will be sure to jump from that discussion right into a talk about results that will suit your own unique body.

Call us at 212-570-6080 if we can be of help. Whether you’re a New Yorker or not, we would be very pleased to chat with you.

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