The Power of Before and After Gynecomastia Photos

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One key factor in your evaluation of potential man boob surgeons should be their collection of before and after gynecomastia photos. First of all, there should be lots of images available online and in the office. Dozens and dozens. It takes time and practice to master the challenges of male breast reduction surgery—you can read more about that here. A plastic surgeon can’t get good at it operating on a few patients a year, which is what many do. You need to know that any doctor you’re considering has more experience than that.

Beyond Just Competence

If you’re like our New York man boob patients, you’ll want the chance to work with a true gynecomastia specialist. An online photo gallery can help—if it demonstrates that your plastic surgeon works with many different kinds of guys and delivers great results for all of them. For instance:

Bodybuilders: Because many bodybuilders have little excess fat, it takes special skill to remove the gland that causes a small mound in the middle of the breast or just a puffy nipple, and sculpt smooth, natural looking contours. There should be no small bumps or ripples; fractions of inches make the difference! Take a look at example #1 in a group of our bodybuilders with man boobs in New York to see what we mean.

Overweight guys: Even if you’re at your ideal weight, you can’t really know what’s underneath the skin of your enlarged breasts. Many patients have both breast gland and fat that should be removed, and the tissues are often intermingled. This is always the case with overweight guys, and when you can determine your plastic surgeon has plenty of experience working with guys carrying extra pounds, you’ll know he or she is ready for whatever they find when you’re in the operating room. You can see a few of our relevant cases here.

As an aside, patients who are above their ideal weight give talented plastic surgeons the opportunity to put their sense of artistry to work. If you check out patient #108 in our before and after gynecomastia photo gallery, to see an example. This man was carrying fat deposits well outside the margins of his breasts—tissue that needed attention in order not to mar his man boob surgery results. We went to work strategically with our liposuction cannula, and all parties were pleased with the outcome.

Finding the Highest Level of Expertise

If you’re one of those guys who won’t rest until they find the best gynecomastia surgeon out there, look for one who treats lots of revision cases. Improving a poor result caused by another surgeon is the most challenging form of man boob surgery of all, and some cosmetic surgeons won’t attempt it. Those who do, and who are good at it, should have photos to show you and cases to discuss. Here are some common issues we see among our New York gynecomastia patients:

Crater deformities: These depressions, often near the nipple, are caused by overzealous surgery that removes too much tissue. We treat a number of these problems annually—unfortunately they occur more often than they should. Here’s where you can read a discussion of the issue, and you can see a few of our before and after crater deformity photos here.

Other post-op problems: There are plenty of other reasons guys end up disappointed with their surgical results. These can include hills and valleys caused by someone inexperienced with liposuction, not enough tissue removed, unsightly scarring, lopsided breasts and more. As you schedule consultations with prospective board certified plastic surgeons, be sure to ask for evidence that they have treated all these many times.

A Final Word

Since you’re looking through photo galleries and otherwise pursuing the information you need to make a great choice of gynecomastia specialist, consider this: it’s worthwhile to travel to work with the doctor who’s right for you. Your goal should be to have this procedure once and then get on with your life. Taking a gamble on a less experienced surgeon is just not worth the risk.

You might start by taking a look at the credentials of plastic surgeons who help guys like you on Most are very highly experienced, and as their reputations grow, more and more patients seek them out. Thus, they continue to develop as true gynecomastia specialists. And since patients flock to them from far and wide, they have “fly in for surgery” programs too.

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