What Do Women Think of Man Boobs?

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What are some of the most popular topics in online forums? Celebrities? Pop culture? Food?

In our plastic surgery slice of the world, we find that guys chat about man boobs incessantly via the Internet. It’s partly because the topic is no longer as taboo as it once was, and partly because many men feel it’s still too sensitive to talk through with most loved ones. We really get it. Even when someone is brave enough to bare all with another person, the only guys who really understand are others with man boobs.

As you might imagine, there are many things forum visitors want to know from other people suffering with gynecomastia. One is what female partners think. Our New York man boob patients as well as others we talk with online generally have two trains of thought.

“Not Much”

In many guys’ experience, their female partners don’t think much about their case of gynecomastia. As in, they don’t really even notice it. Here’s a funny thread we spotted on Reddit not long ago (excuse the online shorthand):

    • My wife never cared when I had gyno.
    o Ha same she had no idea, even when I told her I wanted surgery. She’s never noticed
    • Lol funny you said that she thought I was insane for having surgery always said I never had anything wrong. Then she saw what was taken out of me on monday
    o Yup. She was shocked when she saw how much was removed. Now she sees me without it and is dumfounded how I existed with them before
    • My surgeon told me women don’t understand this brother lol

This exchange is typical of what we hear online so often: women typically don’t notice or don’t care.

The Man Inside

The other notion men share with each other online is that anyone who doesn’t love you for who you are rather than what you look like is not good relationship material. Here’s what a senior poster in the gynecomastia.org forums had to say:

A person really worth your time will look for the inner person and not be obsessive about things that are superficial. If you are a real man of character, you will look at her in the same way.

Many active members of the site advise guys to share their feelings about gynecomastia with their partners, then get brave and take off the shirt.

What Really Matters

All the chatter about what women think shouldn’t make you feel that your condition is not worth treating. If you’re suffering with oversized breasts, we hope you’ll consider working with us in New York. Man boobs do indeed deserve treatment—if you’re not ok with them (even if your partner is).

You would not tell your girlfriend to forget breast reduction if her boobs are a huge burden, right? You would not say no to your wife’s dream of having a tummy tuck after bearing children and ending up with a saggy belly, would you? If a condition that can be fixed bothers someone, we are all for fixing it.

This is just what guys online have to say about man boobs. They should not be an obstacle to a truly good relationship, but if they hold you back in your life, have gynecomastia surgery. You can start a conversation with us about it today.

One Last Tidbit

We browse the gynecomastia.org forums often so we can help guys beyond our New York man boobs patients, and after thirty years in practice there aren’t too many questions we haven’t seen. But here is one that startled us recently: “does having gyne put you off breasts altogether?” The poster was asking other men if their own case of gynecomastia made them adverse to female breasts. We had never thought of that notion before! Can you guess the answer guys gave (in different versions)?

Hell NO!

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